My contribution to the BassTheWorld – Got Bass Chops 3 video

Almost 70'000 views on the video "Got Bass Chops 3" Here is my contribution. I'm proud to be a part of it. For the entire video visit: BassThe World-Got Bass Chops 3 All participants in order of appearance: 1. Leitnerjoe 2. Luke Capon 3. Patrick Hunter 4. Quintin Berry 5. Vincent [...]

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Marleaux Bass Artist video

At the Tiefgang Marleaux Bass Camp, we had the idea of making a Marleaux bass artist video. Each musician got a drum track and was asked to play 8 bars. It came out great. I had the honor of opening the video. The line-up includes (in order of appearance) André Müller, Jay-Tee [...]

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Atmo 23

This is a new idea for my next aNDREmu CD I bought the Thorus Chorus Plugin by UVI, and it sounds excellent on the Bassline and Chords of this idea. I usually don't use Chorus on basslines. But it works great with the Thorus plugin. The definition and the punch of the bassline [...]

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Atmo 22

Atom 22 is a new idea for my next cd. The Atmo consists of 4 Loops. This time I play them one after the other on this video. a) 2 bars Drums b) 4 bars Bassline c) 2 bars Chords 1 with a chorus sound d) 5 bars Chords 2 The [...]

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Atmo 20 for Roger

Atmo 20 is a song idea for my deceased brother. Atmo 20 is a song idea dedicated to my brother Roger, who died on the 23rd of November 2017. I wasn't able to play my instruments for weeks. In the first hour of playing my bass after that, this idea came [...]

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