A new duo Video with my dear friend Anji Hinke

Anderson Márquez contacted me via Facebook and proposed a collaboration: a Youtube video and a song for his new CD, entitled Live Friends.
I first had a look at his Youtube channel and saw that he had already made videos with three bass players I like: Ernest Tibbs, Damian Coccio and Miki Santamaria.
So I was interested and accepted his invitation.
He immediately sent me a lead sheet and an audio file with the keyboards.
The tempo of the song is only 55 bpm, and the chords are very sophisticated, in a lot of different keys. After I recorded it, I found out that the song is Anderson’s arrangement of the jazz standard “My Foolish Heart”.
And interestingly, Anderson asked me to play a bass solo on it. I’m typically asked to play a bassline on this kind of track in my studio for other artists as part of my daily work.
So I immediately thought: challenge accepted (-;

Then I started to practice it. I began with a chord tone solo. The idea was to play around with melodies and even some pentatonic lines to build a contrast over the complex chords. On two occasions, I played scales for faster runs. I started the song with a 5th interval motif and repeated that in the middle and at the end of the song.
I’m pretty happy with the outcome, and Anderson is too.
It was great fun to record it, and I hope to work with my new friend Anderson again in the future.

Have a listen, I hope you like it!