This time, I’ve recorded a cover song – my personal take on Cat Stevens’ “Moon Shadow” from 1971.

For the second half of the song, I used the technique of live looping: I record the chords, bass line, drums, melodies, and sound effects in real time with my bass, adding layer after layer. Every time I record a new part, it is replayed in a loop together with all the parts recorded before. In this way, I’m able to record multiple layers of sound on the fly and stack them on top of each other.

The looped part of the song is an original composition I wrote, but I added the “Moon Shadow” melody as a quote.

Information for gear nerds – or anyone interested in the technical details (-:

Basic tuning:

C F D F C F (open strings from low to high)

I put a capo on the top five strings at the 7th fret, letting the low C string ring open. This gives me the following tuning:


Strum brush

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As always, I’d like to thank Herbert Kalab for recording and editing the video. This time, we used four cameras (Canon 6D, 80D , 700D, and Legria mini x), and we’re very pleased with the result. We had a lot of fun making this video.

I hope you enjoy the video and the music!