At the Tiefgang Marleaux Bass Camp, we had the idea of making a Marleaux bass artist video.
Each musician got a drum track and was asked to play 8 bars. It came out great.

I had the honor of opening the video.
The line-up includes (in order of appearance) André Müller, Jay-Tee Teterissa, Florian Friedrich, Lisa Wulff, Emanuel Stanley, Samy Saemann, Benni Jud, Silas Talacua & Jaycilee Teterissa, Christian Fabian, Michael Ende, Oliver Poschmann, Ariane Cap, Heiko Jung, Nicole Badila, Frans Vollink, Marius Goldhammer, and David Pastorius.

We all are very happy with the outcome and even No Treble mentioned it here:

There is also a post (in German) with the picture of my video on