Here is my contribution to the Marleaux bass artist video. I put my part on my youtube channel today.

To see the video with the entire line-up, go here or have a look at my post from January 28th.

Here is the list of The Marleaux artists in the order of they’re appearance:

  • André Müller
  • Jay-Tee Teterissa
  • Florian Friedrich
  • Lisa Wulff
  • Emanuel Stanley
  • Samy Saemann
  • Benni Jud
  • Silas Talacua & Jaycilee Teterissa
  • Christian Fabian
  • Michael Ende
  • Oliver Poschmann
  • Ariane Cap – Heiko Jung
  • Nicole Badila
  • Frans Vollink
  • Marius Goldhammer
  • David Pastorius