Chord tone solo over the first two chords of  Dolphin Dance by Herbie Hancock.

In my morning practice soloing over chords with chord tones is an important component.

I use the software ALK 2 by

On the first track, I record a few chords and the software loops it automatically.
The second track records 16 bars and plays them back once. Then it starts again with a two bar count in.
This gives me an immediate feedback by listening to what I’ve played and let me adjust it the next round.

The chords on this example are ||: Ebmaj7 | Bbm7 :|| The first two bars of  Dolphin Dance by Herbie Hancock.

The focus lies on the chord tones 3, 5 and the root and playing them on the whole neck. Later 7, 9, 11 and 13 are added to give it a bit more tension.