On The Ascent (2018) – Video

This is a new Video of my song  On The Ascent with my Marleaux 6 string Bass Here is a new video of my song On The Ascent with my Marleaux Bass. The song is also on my last CD. Thanks to Herbert Kalab for shooting this video with four cameras! [...]

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Multitasking Superbabe – aNDREmu & Erich Pochendorfer – Live @ Schmid Hansl

This is the Live Version of my Song Multitasking Superbabe. I wrote this song for my girlfriend. It describes her perfectly (-: On guitar is Erich Pochendorfer. I´m looking forward to new gigs with him. The song Multitasking Superbabe will be on my next CD coming at the end of this year. [...]

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