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André Müller was born in Switzerland and started learning classical piano at the age of 9. He discovered the Beatles while listening to his fathers record collection. Inspired by Paul McCartney, he soon found his love for low notes and began to play the bass guitar.

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In the following years he studied piano and electric bass with various reputable Swiss musicians. In 1993 he moved to Vienna, Austria, for one year to attend the American Institute of Music. Shortly thereafter he switched to the University of Music in Luzern where he was able to graduate in only three years.

In 1997 he finally moved to Vienna. Searching for new musical ideas, he concentrated on duo-work with different singers. Soon, he felt that the sound-range of the 6 string bass guitar was very limiting.
In 2000 aNDREmu found his ideal instrument – the Chapman Stick* – which exactly matched his sound ideas.

Today (as a multi instrumentalist on the Chapman Stick, Bass, Piccolo Bass and Keyboards), he combines the natural sound of his instruments with electronic music, especially regarding song structures.

aNDREmu is André Müller’s solo project. He uses bass and Chapman Stick at his concerts where he records them live with a Looper. The sound of the instruments is changed by different effects and sometimes sounds more like a synthesizer or percussion than a bass or Chapman Stick. So, he paints musical pictures by layering different sounds. New songs evolve through real-time composition and sound-design. These pictures develop spontaneously focusing on the groove or on the formation of spherical sounds that are reminiscent of film music.

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